Extruded Plastic Tubes, Plastic Extrusion Tubing

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Basic Info.

Model NO.
Extrusion Plastics
Material Properties
Flame Retardant
Markets Served
Building & Construction
Multi Color
Surface Finishing
Round, Flat, Tube and All Profiles
Maximum Width
Extrusion Types
Hot Matt, Cold Gloss, Co-Extrusion
Custom as Drawing or Sample
Mold Cost
Transport Package
Wrapped by Film, Put on Pallet
As Per DrawingS Or Samples
No Brand
HS Code
Production Capacity
1000000 PCS

Product Description

Winson Plastics is a well-established company providing an extensive selection of high quality extuded plastic profiles. We are a trusted and experienced supplier with a commitment to creating cost-effective and durable products with consistent results every time. Our extrusion services are designed to meet the specific needs of customers and can accommodate a wide range of requirements including custom designs and shapes. We use the latest technology to create the most precise profiles and shapes while ensuring superior strength and performance. All of our products are stringently tested to guarantee top quality standards. You can trust Winson Plastics for unbeatable reliability and exceptional services.

Extruded Plastic Tubes, Plastic Extrusion Tubing

Functions & Applications of Plastic Extrusion

Using plastic extrusion, Dalilai can craft superior products for use in a variety of industries. Our plastic extrusion processes allow us to make products for automobile, construction, medical, electronic and optical industries. Plastic extrusion is useful for creating tubes, bars, hoses, rods, sheets, profiled and co-extruded products, food and beverage applications, and much more.

Plastic extrusion can be used to create a broad array of products from items such as medical tubing and conduit, to more advanced items like window frames, packaging materials and filaments. Our team can make custom profiles to meet the exact specifications for your product. As a top name in plastic extrusion, Dalilai has the experience and expertise to bring your ideas to life.

Extruded Plastic Tubes, Plastic Extrusion TubingPlastic Extrusion Process

At Dalilai, we specialize in plastic extrusion and specialize in providing superior results with excellence and precision. The plastic extrusion process has four main steps:

  • Feeding: The plastic material is fed into the machine in the form of small pellets. This is done using a special feeder system that is calibrated to the right speed for the material. This is the most important stage of the process, as getting the correct speed and orientation of the plastic is paramount for quality output.
  • Heating: As the plastic passes through the machine, it is heated to the optimal temperature for extrusion. This is important for ensuring that the plastic flows correctly and also that it will cure correctly when it is molded.
  • Extruding: The extruder will then pressurize the heated plastic, forcing it through the extrusion die. This die determines the shape of the final product. The process is carefully controlled to ensure uniformity and accuracy in shape and size.
  • Cooling: Once the extruded plastic has formed the desired shape, it must be cooled so that it will cure correctly and maintain its shape. The cooling process is important in ensuring the plastic will form correctly and will not warp or deform.

Extruded Plastic Tubes, Plastic Extrusion Tubing

Materials We Work With

Material Commonly Used for
Polyvinylchloride (PVC) Pipes, hose, window frames, cable insulation, blister packs
Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) Appliance housings, hose plumbing systems, refrigerator liners
Polyurethane (PU, TPU,HPPE) Seals, gaskets,  buffers , conveyor belts, hose tubing, fuel lines, toys
Cross-Linked Polyethylene (PE,TPE) Insulation, conduit, water and gas pipes, electrical wire, roofing
Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) Non-stick cookware, valves, gaskets, bearings, tapes
Polystyrene (PS) Food packaging, plastic utensils, foam coffee cups
Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE) Shoe soles, toys, gaskets, seals, adhesives
Polypropylene (PP) Food containers, brushes, carpets, auto parts, laboratory equipment
Acrylic (PMMA) Eyeglass lenses, signs, window glazing, aquariums

Why choose us to produce your plastic extusion profiles?

1, Low price - Professional manufacturers with independent sales , no middlemen earn profit.

2, High quality - From the raw material procurement, production management, product testing and other key links to ensure strict control of product quality and win customers trust.

3, Rich experiences provide convenient technical communication.

4, Short mold opening cycle and high production efficiency.

5, Special services such as silk screen printing, water transfer printing, thermal transfer printing, surface embossing, etc.

6, No worries after-sales, we adhere to the "integrity cooperation, mutual benefit and win-win" purpose, to provide customers with a full range of services.

Extruded Plastic Tubes, Plastic Extrusion Tubing Extruded Plastic Tubes, Plastic Extrusion Tubing Extruded Plastic Tubes, Plastic Extrusion Tubing Extruded Plastic Tubes, Plastic Extrusion Tubing Extruded Plastic Tubes, Plastic Extrusion Tubing

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